Hello everyone!
Today is the Down Syndrome Awareness Day and we wanna make a difference.
SO. We're doing a fundraiser to collect money for the Swedish Downs Syndrome Association. Mojang AB will DOUBLE the amount that we get in, so let's go :D You have until the end of today 21/3.

YAY, let's do a good thing today!


3.910 kr

196% 2.000 kr


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  • Jessica Steje Svenska Downföreningen
    Tusen tack för er insamling till Downs syndrom-fonden!

    Er generösa gåva hjälper oss i vårt fortsatta arbete för att öka kunskapen om Downs syndrom.
    Svenska Downföreningen tror på alla människors potential och lika värde. Tack för att ni delar vår vision.

  • Siri Hoel Andersson Siri Hoel Andersson
    Hey wonderful people :)
    so so first off a huge thank you for donating!
    Marina is OoO and I need to coordinate with her on this so Monday we’ll move forward :)

    have a great night!

  • Ulrika Höjgård Ulrika Höjgård Donerede 300 kr

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