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Roger Sethsson
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Barndiabetesfonden's allmänna arbete
We are two friends from opposite sides of the Atlantic who share Nordic roots, a passion for aerospace, and year-long fitness goals focus on cross-country skiing.
Fly with us along the 55 kilometer course of America’s most famous cross country ski race, the American Birkebeiner, in support of Type 1 Diabetes Awareness and Research!
It is our goal through "Fly for Diabetes" to engage the aviation and space community in supporting the notion that Type 1 diabetes need not limit any child's or adolescent's aspirations... indeed, these children and adolescents can reach the moon!

This fundraiser is for the benefit of Barndiabetesfonden - the Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation - as it is the only foundation in Sweden which specifically funds research on diabetes among children and adolecents; primarily type 1 diabetes by a vast majority.

You can read more about us and our project at
and about the American Birkebeiner at

Thank you for supporting our cause!
Roger Sethsson and David Lysholm McKay

Please note: As Barndiabetesfonden is a Swedish charity, the amounts shown on this page are given in SEK, indicated by the Swedish abbreviation kr.

17.950 kr

18% 100.000 kr


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  • ian macfarlane ian macfarlane Donerede 600 kr

  • Corrado Mezzina Corrado Mezzina Donerede 2.000 kr

    Dear Roger God bless you and your family. All the best, Rod

  • Lena & Kjell Pettersson Lena & Kjell Pettersson Donerede 1.000 kr

    Bra initiativ!

  • Robert Lilley Robert Lilley Donerede 1.000 kr

    Great effort, great cause, congratualtions

  • Sonja Sundberg Sonja Sundberg Donerede 300 kr

    Bra kämpat Roger !

  • Mats W Mats W Donerede 1.000 kr

    Mycket bra kört - hela vägen in i mål!

  • alain Burguiere alain Burguiere Donerede 300 kr

    Bonne chance Roger!

  • Bruce Carman Bruce Carman Donerede 1.000 kr

    Well done Roger and Dave - a tremendous effort and all for a great cause!

  • Nick And Colleen Cox Nick And Colleen Cox Donerede 1.250 kr

    Hi Roger: now I am retired and no money rolling in I hope this gets you on your way. Best Wishes Nick & Coll

  • Mike Hamilton Mike Hamilton Donerede 300 kr

    Hi Roger, hope it went well and the legs are not too sore !

  • Paul Barney Paul Barney Donerede 500 kr

    Good Luck!!

  • Lena Dahlgren Lena Dahlgren Donerede 300 kr

    Good luck

  • Paolo Silvestri Paolo Silvestri Donerede 300 kr

  • Diane Gallagher Diane Gallagher Donerede 300 kr

    Good luck to reaching your goal and competing in the race for a very worthy cause.

  • Anonym Anonym Donerede 300 kr

    Good Luck

  • Robert Jansson Robert Jansson Donerede 300 kr

    Roger, I wish you all the best in the race for a good case //Robert

  • Darren Porter Darren Porter Donerede 1.200 kr

    Good luck Roger.

  • Fredrik Martinsson Fredrik Martinsson Donerede 300 kr

    Keep up the good work guys!

  • Berndt o Helene  Sethsson Berndt o Helene Sethsson Donerede 1.000 kr

    Vi vill stödja diabetes forskningen. Tack för ett gott initiativ.

  • Anonym Anonym Donerede 2.000 kr

    Great cause ! Good luck on the race !

  • Mats W Mats W Donerede 1.000 kr

    Very good initiative. To put some pressure on you in the tracks, I promise to double my contribution if you finish the race ;-)

  • Nicklas Svensson Nicklas Svensson Donerede 200 kr

    För att ni engagerar er i viktiga utvecklingar!

  • Heikki H Heikki H Donerede 300 kr

    Put a smile on your face and go for the race “just” 55K over a snow-covered park …trust you will make it, prior to dark ! :-)  Good Luck !

  • Ulla Norrhäll Ulla Norrhäll Donerede 200 kr