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Hi, I’m Emma from Sweden. I’m on my way to attempt to become the first woman in the world to cross Central Africa on foot. From the east coast to the west coast. All together I will walk across Tanzania, Rwanda, Kongo-Kinshasa, Kongo-Brazaville and Gabon. Roughly about 4700 km, solo.

It wouldn’t feel right doing this trip without raising funds for charity. I hope this trip is interesting and exciting enough to follow and I would be so happy if you could consider to donate.

Congo-Kinshasa has a deeply broken history with a huge capital of violence. Abuse of power, corruption and lack of leadership prevent the country from developing. The lack of interest from the government to overcome internal conflicts in combination with multinational companies' interests in the country's natural resources creates polarization. Due to lack of responsibility, rebel groups have the opportunity to grow and establish themselves. Today, they control areas mainly in the northeast. Genocide and massacres occur repeatedly in these areas.
Sexual violence is a major problem and affects women and girls as well as boys and men. Doctors testify that they have not seen such brutality anywhere else in the world. Women are kept as sex slaves and gang-raped with harming tools and they can also be genitally mutilated by these men.
Armed violence has led to widespread humanitarian crises and displaced thousands of people. They have limited access to health care or none at all.
In addition to armed violence, outbreaks of infectious diseases such as measles, yellow fever and cholera are common. And malaria causes 4 times more deaths each year than conflicts, cholera, measles, encephalitis and lung infections combined. Ebola is recurring and has claimed many lives.
In Congo-Kinshasa, Médecins Sans Frontières has one of the largest initiatives in the world. They respond to acute crises such as disease outbreaks and support people fleeing violence and armed conflict. They also support the health authorities' programs for HIV and AIDS. To deal with the all-too-common outbreaks of infectious diseases, they have mobile teams that can be quickly dispatched to crisis areas.
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