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Petter Sundqvist
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Tillsammans mot Covid-19
Komatsu Forest have given a donation of 21 500 euro to Medecins sans Frontiers reagarding their the fight against Covid-19. With this fundraiser, we call for a contribution from individual employees to also contribute to the fight.

10,600 kr

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  • Peter Johansson Peter Johansson Donated 300 kr

  • Mitsuru Ueno Mitsuru Ueno Donated 1,000 kr

  • Maria Burman Maria Burman Donated 300 kr

  • Torbjörn Norberg Torbjörn Norberg Donated 300 kr

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User Donated 1,000 kr

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User Donated 300 kr

  • Roland Pahkala Roland Pahkala Donated 300 kr

  • Derek Collins Derek Collins Donated 500 kr

  • Bernd Rauser Bernd Rauser Donated 1,000 kr

    I support this organisation since many years - you do a fantastic job.

  • Halvard Olderlund Halvard Olderlund Donated 500 kr

  • Malin Ejehult Glas Malin Ejehult Glas Donated 500 kr

  • Anders Fjällström Anders Fjällström Donated 300 kr

  • Sara Dahlberg Sara Dahlberg Donated 500 kr

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User Donated 500 kr

  • Charlotta Östmalm Charlotta Östmalm Donated 300 kr

  • Jörgen Gustavsson Jörgen Gustavsson Donated 300 kr

    The work you do is so important, helping people in need. That's why I'm donating. Thank you all.

  • Pernilla  Åström Pernilla Åström Donated 300 kr

  • Liselotte Sandström Liselotte Sandström Donated 300 kr

  • Susanne Häggström Susanne Häggström Donated 300 kr

  • Gun-Inger Bergström Gun-Inger Bergström Donated 300 kr

  • Mathias  Åberg Mathias Åberg Donated 300 kr

  • Terese Johansson Terese Johansson Donated 300 kr

  • Sara Bäckman-Mårdh Sara Bäckman-Mårdh Donated 300 kr

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