My colleagues, Charity and Hot Dogs!
Those are three of my favorite things in the whole world! How much can we raise when we combine all of them?

Please contribute with the sum of your choice. No amount is too big or to small!

2.300 kr

115% 2.000 kr


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  • Emin Dugic Emin Dugic ha donado 100 kr


  • Annica Käll Annica Käll ha donado 500 kr

  • Jonas Karlsson Jonas Karlsson ha donado 300 kr

    Mycket bra initiativ!

  • Mats Persson Mats Persson ha donado 100 kr

  • Simon Sturesson Simon Sturesson ha donado 300 kr

  • Anna Karlsson Anna Karlsson ha donado 300 kr

  • Cecilia Findelius Cecilia Findelius ha donado 100 kr

    Good initiative

  • Andreas von Ehrenheim Andreas von Ehrenheim ha donado 300 kr

  • Erik Bergendal Erik Bergendal ha donado 300 kr