Iina Soiri fundraiser for victims of the cyclone Idai

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Julia Falkerby
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Återuppbyggnad efter cyklonerna

Iina Soiri fundraiser for victims of the cyclone Idai

After 6 years serving the Nordic Africa Institute Director Iina Soiris employment period comes to an end. If you think of bringing flowers or a gift for Iinas fare-well party she would like you to instead show your appreciation by contributing to her fundraisal.

After the major humanitarian crisis that has unfolded in the wake of the cyclone Idai hundreds of thousands of people are in urgent need of assistance across Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The people of Mozambique and especially women are now suffering the consequences from climate change. As Former Mozambican first lady Graça Machel said “It is painful to say that my country and [Beira] will go down in history as having been the first city to be completely devastated by climate change,”

Afrikagrupperna is a Swedish organisation that has a long history of involvement in the area and works together with local partnerorganisations like WoMin, Rural Women’s Assembly och Justiça Ambiental.

Read more here (in Swedish):

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  • Julia Falkerby Julia Falkerby ha donado 200 kr

    Thank you for the Stiga racer etc Iina!

  • Diana Madsen Diana Madsen ha donado 300 kr

  • Sai Väyrynen Sai Väyrynen ha donado 500 kr

    Mielenkiintoista uutta tehtävää Etelä-Afrikassa!

  • Susanne Linderos Susanne Linderos ha donado 100 kr

  • Julia Falkerby Julia Falkerby
    A message from Iina to all of you:
    "Thank you all friends and colleagues for donating to my fundraising, the fundraising exceeded all my expectations. I am so happy that at times of great celebration we can remember and support the brave women and men in Mozambique in their efforts to survive the environmental catastrophe. Together we will be strong in this our common planet!"
  • Malin Ahrne Malin Ahrne ha donado 800 kr

    Great initiative Iina, so happy to be part of your network of family, friends and colleagues

  • Tania Berger Tania Berger ha donado 700 kr

    Thanks Iina for all nice cash and carry items. E muitos sucessos e felicidades com o novo emprego!

  • Kahina Chache Kahina Chache ha donado 300 kr

  • Susan Melber Susan Melber ha donado 500 kr

    Be happy in your beloved Africa, Sue and Henning

  • Liisa Laakso Liisa Laakso ha donado 2.500 kr

    With friendship and solidarity, good luck Iina!

  • Embassy of the Republic of Namibia to Sweden Embassy of the Republic of Namibia to Sweden ha donado 1.000 kr

  • Sebastian Danielsson Sebastian Danielsson ha donado 200 kr

  • Cecilia Hedlund Cecilia Hedlund ha donado 200 kr

  • Martin Sundin Martin Sundin ha donado 500 kr

  • Amb. Rose Salukatula Amb. Rose Salukatula ha donado 500 kr

  • Tania Berger Tania Berger ha donado 500 kr

  • Ivor Miller Ivor Miller ha donado 300 kr

    Thank you for your leadership!

  • Raimundo Wilson, Antonella Serra Mauricio Foss Raimundo Wilson, Antonella Serra Mauricio Foss ha donado 400 kr

  • Ahcène KERMA Ahcène KERMA ha donado 3.000 kr

    By solidarity with my Mozambican brothers.

  • Carin Norberg Carin Norberg ha donado 500 kr

    Lots of happy memories and good luck for the future. Carin and Carl

  • Birgitte Jansen Birgitte Jansen ha donado 100 kr

    With the wish of all good in the future!

  • Susanne Linderos Susanne Linderos ha donado 300 kr

  • Sten Hagberg Sten Hagberg ha donado 500 kr

    Good luck, Iina. Thanks for all.

  • Deborah Bryceson Deborah Bryceson ha donado 500 kr