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Rasmus Fridberg
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The recent developmet around the corona pandemic has really put a lot of stress on the refugees all over the world.

Hike for Refugees is a fundraiser to raise awareness for refugees escaping to safety around the world.
2 billion kilometers is the approximate distance refugees cover worldwide each year to reach the nearest point of safety. It is their journey to survival.

To draw attention to this topic, I will walk between the two Swedish cities, Stockholm, and Malmö. It will be a journey of approximately1100 kilometers and take around two months to complete.
This distance is not uncommon among refugees that are fleeing to safety.

Start date is on the 2nd of june fron Stockholm. Expected finish in Malmö, middle of august.

If you want to follow my journey, please visit or follow me on my youtube channel, Rasmus Fridberg

All proceeds will go directly to UNHCR and their work with refugees around the world.

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    Bra jobbat! Både med vandring och insamling!

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    Good work 👍🙏💙

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    Well done! A hike for the most important of causes. The refugee crisis can only be solved by creating a more equal and safe world.

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    Admiring your hike and care about migrants.

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  • Stefan Grudéus Stefan Grudéus ha donado 1.000 kr

    Synd att vi var lite sena i vår inbjudan och att vi inte fick möjlighet att träffas. Lycka till md resten av resan och livet i Malmö

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    Bra jobbat!

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    Riktigt imponerande och inspirerande! 💪🏼👊🏼 En krona för varje kilometer 🌱

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    Du är så cool!!

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    U da real MVP

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    Keep up the good work!

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    Grymt jäkla impad över ditt påhitt och att du håller humöret uppe hela tiden! Ska bli intressant att ses efteråt och höra en massa klokheter.

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    Fortsätt kompis!!!