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Rocka för Downs syndrom!

Help us raise some money to invest in research into both helping people living with Down Syndrome manage associated medical conditions, and also into increasing our understanding about diseases such as Alzheimers and cancer, which occur in different frequencies in people with and without Down syndrome.

Did you know that solid tumors occur significantly less frequently in DS children and adults in comparison with individuals without trisomy 21? Or that although nearly 10% of DS newborns are diagnosed with a variant of acute megakaryocytic leukemia (AMkL), this can resolve spontaneously without treatment; event-free survival rates for DS patients with AMkL ranges from 80% to 100%, in comparison with <30% for non-DS children with AMkL.

There is clearly a lot to be learnt about the intricacies of Down Syndrome and your support can help!

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    Tusen tack för er insamling till Downs syndrom-fonden!

    Er generösa gåva hjälper oss i vårt fortsatta arbete för att öka kunskapen om Downs syndrom.
    Svenska Downföreningen tror på alla människors potential och lika värde. Tack för att ni delar vår vision.
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