Swedish punk band Adhesive donates the profits from their live shows to Medecins Sans Frontieres. Feel free to donate to our cause!
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  • Adhesive Punkrock Adhesive Punkrock Donerade 5 000 kr

  • Geir Pedersen Geir Pedersen Donerade 10 000 kr

  • Pekka Multaharju Pekka Multaharju Donerade 16 300 kr

    Profits made from two Adhesive + One Hidden Frame shows in Finland. Thanks to all the people and supporting bands Deaf Penalty, Teresa Banks, M.O.R.A. and SOS/Siivoojat!

  • Geir Pedersen Geir Pedersen Donerade 7 500 kr

    The merch sales from the Finland trip. Thanks for the support!

  • Adhesive Adhesive Donerade 25 000 kr

    First deposition from the band.