Amsterdam Marathon for War Child

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Leo McCauley
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War Childs arbete

Amsterdam Marathon for War Child

On Sunday October 15th, 2017 I ran the 42nd Amsterdam marathon for War Child, an NGO that helps kids in war zones and conflict-affected areas. I finished in a time of 3:34, in a position of 2852.

Fundraising started on September 26. Donations before, and after, the 42KM race saw us achieve our SEK 42,000- (£3,900 €4,380 $5,200) target by October 20th.

THANK YOU to all who donated and shared!

You can still donate until midnight of Wednesday October 25, when this fundraiser will close.

All this started late in September when I collected my 8-year-old son Charlie from school. He told me about a new classmate "who's from a country at war". This got me thinking about kids in war zones: how they cope, what happens to those who don't make it out, and displaced families who end up in refugee camps.

It also got me thinking about what individuals (and not just governments and NGOs) can do to make a difference. And that’s how I hit upon the idea of running the Amsterdam marathon for a purpose. I'd run 34 half-marathons and 17 marathons but Amsterdam was the first time I ran for charity. So #18 was special.

Where will your money go?
Examples of how your donation for War Child Sweden will be used:
40 kronor (£3.75/US$4.90/CAN$6.18/€4.20) is enough to buy a school kit for a girl in Afghanistan.

100 kronor (£9.30/US$12.30/CAN$15.40/€10.50) covers education material for three kids in psychosocial sessions.

130 kronor (£12.19/US$16/CAN$20/€13.60) is enough to provide peace and conflict training for kids, including their transport, snacks, lunch, material, tutor and room.

180 kronor (£16.80/US$22/CAN$27.80/€18.90) covers the cost of overalls for Colombian youngsters as they learn to repair their bikes.

2000 kronor (£187/US$246/CAN$308/€210) is the cost of training six local ‘I Deal’ facilitators who can change the lives of kids for the better.

150,000 (£14,000/US$18,500/CAN$23,000/€15700) is the cost of building and furnishing a 'Safe Space' for kids.

Give what you can so that War Child can help children caught up in conflicts around. Please share with family, friends and colleagues.

More info:
War Child International
2017 Amsterdam Marathon
War Child Sweden

Currency Conversions:
100 kronor = £9.30 US$12.30 CAN$15.40 €10.50
300 kronor = £28 US$36 CAN$46 €31
500 kronor = £46 US$61 CAN$77 €52
1000 kronor = £93 US$123 CAN$154 €105
War Child UK: Where your money goes

Thank you for your support,
Leo & Charlie
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44 700 kr

106% 42 000 kr


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  • Erwin Zijlstra Erwin Zijlstra Donerade 500 kr

    I am a great fan of War Child so good luck!

    Leo McCauley Leo McCauley: Dag Edwin!
    Dank u wel. Een prettige dag verder!
  • Pub Hörnet Pub Hörnet Donerade 100 kr

  • Jean-Claude Geha Jean-Claude Geha Donerade 500 kr

    Well done!

    Leo McCauley Leo McCauley: Hi JC! Merci!!!
  • Leo McCauley Leo McCauley
    Dear Supporters,
    Friends and colleagues have asked me to keep this site open until pay day so it'll remain open until midnight next Wed 25 October.
    Kind wishes,
  • Pelle Nielsen Pelle Nielsen Donerade 500 kr

    Great initiative

    Leo McCauley Leo McCauley: TAK Pelle! Appreciate the your support!
  • Leo McCauley Leo McCauley
    Dear Supporters! WE DID IT!! WE ACTUALLY DID IT!!!

    You and 128 other amazing people supported myself, War Child, Charlie, and the world's innocents by actually doing something with a purpose. And all from a little boy telling his dad about his day at school. Together we have raised over
    SEK 42,000 £3,900 €4,380 CAN$6,500 US$5,200.

    Before, during, and after the Amsterdam marathon, you've been a credit to yourselves, your family name and your nation. You know who you are so be very, very proud! You don't know them, but the small team at War Child Sweden (5 people) are very very grateful for what you've achieved.

    Our fundraiser closes this Sunday so anything from here on in is a bonus :)

    From the bottom of our hearts, Charlie and I THANK YOU and are proud to call you our friend. I'll draft a post-fundraiser summary, which all 129 of you will have the chance to review and approve before I publish. Those who gave anonymous donations will remain so, unless they wish otherwise.

    And if I may, a special mention to my partner Maria, without whose support all this would never have happened. I know I made mistakes along the way, but advice I received from people who are a lot better at fundraising than I am, put things back on track. But as 'Dare to Fail' seems to be my motto, I think at this moment, we can all consider ourselves winners. #awesome

    Have a relaxing (at last!) weekend.

    Leo and Charlie
    (+ Maria, Alicia and Sean:)

  • Annica Nilsson Annica Nilsson Donerade 200 kr

    Leo McCauley Leo McCauley: Tack Annica!
  • DG's  Sports Bar DG's Sports Bar Donerade 1 000 kr

    Leo McCauley Leo McCauley: Tack Feti & Co! Nu får jag en öl?!!! :)
  • Anonym användare Anonym användare Donerade 2 730 kr

    It is a very worthy case, great to see Leo driving this to help these charities.

    Leo McCauley Leo McCauley: Dear Whoever Who Are,
    If ever there was a time for a #awesome moment, this is it. THANK YOU. Please send me a message (F2F/mobile/email/). -Leo
  • Madara  Stale Madara Stale Donerade 500 kr

    This is absolutely brilliant Leo!!

    Leo McCauley Leo McCauley: Hello Madara!

    FANTASTIC - you've just taken us over SEK 39,000! Well done!

    Love to all at Ecco!

  • Leo McCauley Leo McCauley
    Hi all,

    We're now just 8% away from our target! Those of you who donated anonymously: please inbox/text me so I know not to bother you again over the weekend. Your name will remain anonymous.
    Have a great weekend!


  • Bahar Rasouli Bahar Rasouli Donerade 300 kr

    Best of luck Leo/ Bahar

    Leo McCauley Leo McCauley: THX again, Bahar!
  • Jeanette  Irekvist Jeanette Irekvist Donerade 100 kr

    Leo McCauley Leo McCauley: TACK Jeanette!
  • Siri Brehm Siri Brehm Donerade 200 kr

    Väldigt bra initiativ! Tack för att jag får hjälpa till!

    Leo McCauley Leo McCauley: TACK Siri!
  • Monica Berggren Monica Berggren Donerade 500 kr

    Well done!

    Leo McCauley Leo McCauley: Hej Monica,
  • Graeme Nadasy Graeme Nadasy Donerade 250 kr

    Thought I’d better go the whole hog considering you are. 3.34 leaves me breathless with admiration.

    Leo McCauley Leo McCauley: Thanks AGAIN, Graeme!
  • Leo McCauley Leo McCauley
    Dear Supporters,

    Sunday's marathon in Amsterdam may be behind us, but now it's the final 5K of this fundraiser. I finished in a time of 3:34:09 in 2,852nd place, in what was a very hot day (25C). You can see from my split times that everything was fine up until the last 7K. It was very disappointing not to get under 3:30, but compared to last year, I ran 18 mins faster.

    Just like the last 5K of the race, getting donations is proving very difficult. I'm working behind the scenes contacting people to help us finish the job. Since the start of this initiative, I've contacted around 250 people directly, of whom 120 people (that's you) have donated.

    I'm determined not to give up. We can reach the final SEK 42,000 (£3,900 €4,380 $5,200) finish line. Now I need your help to SHARE this page with friends, family and colleagues and ENCOURAGE them to pitch in to get us over the final 42K finish line!

    Have a great weekend,
    Leo & Charlie

  • Maria Rudenschöld Maria Rudenschöld Donerade 300 kr

    Heja dig!

    Leo McCauley Leo McCauley: Hej Maria,
    TACK igen!
  • Gittan  Sverla Gittan Sverla Donerade 150 kr

    Bra jobbat Leo! Hoppas att ni når målet 42K....👍😉 Kram

    Leo McCauley Leo McCauley: Tack igen Gittan!
  • sean mclaughlin sean mclaughlin Donerade 300 kr

    heres my donation Leo

    Leo McCauley Leo McCauley: Hi Sean,
    THANKS AGAIN! Have a super weekend!
  • Anonym användare Anonym användare Donerade 200 kr

    Well done, Leo. A great cause.

    Leo McCauley Leo McCauley: Hi there,
    Please inbox me so I know who you are. Your name will remain anonymous.
  • Helene Birknert Helene Birknert Donerade 300 kr

    I admire your stamina and grit - both on and off the track!

    Leo McCauley Leo McCauley: THANKS AGAIN Helene!
  • Sara Morge Sara Morge Donerade 300 kr

    Good luck from Sara

    Leo McCauley Leo McCauley: TACK SARA!
    Trevlig helg,
  • Maria  Townsend Maria Townsend Donerade 300 kr