Give to those who really are in need

For my birthday this year I don’t wish any presents. I have everything(and even more) that I need and if I desire something I am capable of buying it. On the other hand, so many other people are in real need without the means to cover not even the very basic life necessities. So, please, give a nice present to the people that really need it instead! Help me help others with this fundraiser!
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  • Thomas Kyritsis Thomas Kyritsis donerat 300 kr

  • Anna  Jungerhem Anna Jungerhem donerat 200 kr

  • Linus Andersson Linus Andersson donerat 300 kr

  • Foteini Ioakeimidou Foteini Ioakeimidou donerat 500 kr

    Thanks Giota for organizing this awesome event

  • Alke Stelling Alke Stelling donerat 400 kr

  • Yasmine Rossäng Yasmine Rossäng donerat 400 kr

  • Konstantinos Tsolakis Konstantinos Tsolakis donerat 500 kr

  • Georgios Vlachogiannis Georgios Vlachogiannis donerat 400 kr

  • Anonym användare Anonym användare donerat 800 kr

  • Iraklis Rossis Iraklis Rossis donerat 500 kr

    Μπράβο Γιώτα, χρόνια σου πολλά!

  • Anonym användare Anonym användare donerat 300 kr

  • Victoria Blaj Victoria Blaj donerat 300 kr

    Best wishes for those in need!

  • Sofia Soukou Sofia Soukou donerat 500 kr

  • Panagiotis Vlachos Panagiotis Vlachos donerat 200 kr

  • Stavros  Charakopoulos Stavros Charakopoulos donerat 500 kr

  • Cecilia Ahlfors Cecilia Ahlfors donerat 300 kr

    Jättebra initiativ! 😄🙌 Grattis Giota 😘

  • Panagiota Charakopoulou Panagiota Charakopoulou donerat 500 kr

    Let the donations begin!