Children and families in Ukraine flee for their lives. Attacks shatter people's security. The situation is desperate and unpredictable. Doctors Without Borders supply with surgical and trauma kits, supplies to respond to mass casualty events, and medications for chronic diseases, to Ukraine. These items will be used in hospitals in Ukraine and in the emergency response.
The funds will go to the work of Doctors Without Borders worldwide.

Can we in Hydroscand do more – of course we can!

Through this page, all Hydroscand employees can contribute – when you donate a sum to Doctors Without Borders through this fundraising page, we will donate the same amount from Hydroscand.

Together we can make a difference.

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    Thank you for your important work!

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    From Hydroscand in South Africa, every little bit helps and thanks to our parent company for matching our effort. May this war end soon, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone touched by this sad situation!

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    Till Ukrainas krigsdrabbade folk

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