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Oriflame supporting the UN Refugee Agency

There is a humanitarian disaster taking place and this is happening right in front of our very eyes! The images of small children risking their lives while fleeing war and horror have left no one untouched.
We cannot ignore this!

As part of our ongoing support to children in need, we would like to invite our employees to make a donation to our the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR).This money will give help and support to some of these children and their families. For every sum that is donated, Oriflame will match that amount. Please help us make a difference!

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64 230 kr

128% 50 000 kr


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  • Karin Ullvén Karin Ullvén Donerade 300 kr

  • Sverige för UNHCR

    Stort varmt tack för ert stöd! <3

  • Anonym användare Anonym användare Donerade 500 kr

  • sara åkerlindh sara åkerlindh Donerade 100 kr

  • Anna-Marie Adams (Oriflame) Anna-Marie Adams (Oriflame) Donerade 500 kr

  • Mats Palmquist Mats Palmquist Donerade 3 000 kr

  • Conny Fast Conny Fast Donerade 1 000 kr

  • Roxy Bovia-Thomeus Roxy Bovia-Thomeus Donerade 1 000 kr

  • Åsa Swee Åsa Swee Donerade 1 000 kr

  • Oriflame Oriflame Donerade 500 kr

  • Kristina Backlund Kristina Backlund Donerade 2 500 kr

    People like us.

  • Anonym användare Anonym användare Donerade 300 kr

  • Åse Sundberg, Oriflmae Åse Sundberg, Oriflmae Donerade 500 kr

    I lived in Damascus in 1989-1990. The Syrian refugees are my old neighbours, class-mates and friends.

  • Lydia Engholm Lydia Engholm Donerade 1 000 kr

  • Maria & Kevin 100 Maria & Kevin 100 Donerade 4 000 kr

  • Maria Bångfeldt Maria Bångfeldt Donerade 300 kr

  • Robert Berggren Robert Berggren Donerade 300 kr

  • Anonym användare Anonym användare Donerade 200 kr

  • Georgi Karapanchev Georgi Karapanchev Donerade 1 000 kr

  • Ankie Öberg Ankie Öberg Donerade 300 kr

  • Annelie Gustavssona Annelie Gustavssona Donerade 200 kr

  • Anonym användare Anonym användare Donerade 500 kr

  • Anonym användare Anonym användare Donerade 100 kr

  • Jordanka Valusiakova Kordova Oriflame Jordanka Valusiakova Kordova Oriflame Donerade 300 kr