The English Preschool's Parents and Friends fundraiser together with Doctor's Without Borders is a PTA-inspired initiative for EF parents and their friends, colleagues and extended family - to help families and children around the world that are deeply affected by war and displacement and in need of urgent medical attention. Our goal is to raise 20 000 kr by Friday, June 16th 2017, the same day we'll all meet for the EF graduation ceremony and end of term summer concert.
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15 000 kr

75% 20 000 kr


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  • Berit Garcia Berit Garcia Donerade 500 kr

  • Kia  Lublin Kia Lublin Donerade 500 kr

  • Wilhelm Edward Wilhelm Edward Donerade 1 000 kr

  • Come  on! Come on! Donerade 10 000 kr

  • Annika Bevington Annika Bevington Donerade 500 kr

  • Mikael Liden Mikael Liden Donerade 500 kr

  • Back Pocket Back Pocket Donerade 500 kr

  • Manne Sjöstrand Manne Sjöstrand Donerade 500 kr

  • Anne Toril  Grinaker Anne Toril Grinaker Donerade 500 kr

  • Sally Kennedy Sally Kennedy Donerade 500 kr