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Kristian Halfwordson
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Alzheimerfondens allmänna arbete
Hi I´m Kristian And I´m about to bike approxemitly 40.000 kilometers around the world, and this is why......

I had a job that did not give much joy. I felt stuck in a bureaucratic and formal organization. Like many of us I had a dream. The dream that I was thinking about while waiting for a bus or running to catch the metro. My dream is to take myself around the globe on a bicycle.

This was also a oppertunity to do somthing great for those who need it the most. My trip has the ambition and goal to raise funds for dementia and Alzheimer research which is currently heavily underfunded in relation to its social costs and impact for millions of elderly people and their families around the world. I collaborate with Dementia Forum the Swedish Alzheimer Foundation and their respective partners to collect funds for research and, also to raise awareness about dementia diseases. My goal is to raise 50 000 EUR (approx. 57 000 USD).

Dementia is one of the toughest challenges today. More than 47 million people are affected by dementia, a syndrome caused by physical changes in the brain that severely affects memory and other mental abilities. This number is expected to double by 2030 and reach beyond 130 million people by 2050. Unfortunately, there is still no cure or disease modifying medication. Furthermore, by the year 2050, the number of people affected is estimated to have tripled.

Please help me reach my goals, for a better world. You are more then welcome to follow me at Bike for dementia.

60 620 kr

12% 500 000 kr


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  • Oscar Södergren Oscar Södergren Donert 1 000 kr

    Keep pushing them pedals! 🚴‍♂️💪

  • Ann  Olving Ann Olving Donert 2 000 kr

    Snart har du trampat på i ett år. Du är beundransvärd, Kasper! Kram Ann Olving o Ulf Södergren

  • Carina  Sandell Carina Sandell Donert 300 kr

    Heja på!

  • Geras Solutions Geras Solutions Donert 2 000 kr

    All the best during your trip, Kristian! - Geras Team

  • Swedish Care International Swedish Care International Donert 4 800 kr

    This donation is made by Swedish Care International on behalf of the speakers at Dementia Forum X 2019.

  • Vännerna på Folksam . Vännerna på Folksam . Donert 2 120 kr

    Bra kämpat Kristian!

  • Anonym bruker Anonym bruker Donert 300 kr

  • Liselotte Jansson Alzheimerfonden
    Heja Kristian, hoppas allt är bra med dig och att cyklingen går bra och stort Tack för din fantastiska insats.


    Liselotte Jansson
    Generalsekreterare Alzheimerfonden
  • Patric Nordbrandt Patric Nordbrandt Donert 300 kr

    Härligt initiativ! Förlorade min far till alzheimers. Kämpa på!!!

  • Fredrik Svegl Fredrik Svegl Donert 300 kr

  • Swedish care International AB Swedish care International AB Donert 1 500 kr

    Vi skänker en gåva istället för julklapp till styrelsen i Swedish Care International AB

  • Martha Ekström Martha Ekström Donert 200 kr

    Ett litet bidrag till ett gott ändamål. Kör hårt

  • Oscar Södergren Oscar Södergren Donert 1 000 kr

    US✔️ Så jäkla imponerande! 💪💪💪

  • Önskar vännerna från jobbet Önskar vännerna från jobbet Donert 2 100 kr

    Bra jobbat Kasper! Vi hejar på dig :)

  • Sophie Lu Sophie Lu Donert 500 kr

    Go go go! Very best SCI's Sophie

  • Ina Johansson Ina Johansson Donert 500 kr

  • Vännerna från jobbet Wallbom Vännerna från jobbet Wallbom Donert 600 kr

    Du är grym som har cyklar över 150 mil!! Önskar vännerna från jobbet!

  • Swedish Care International Swedish Care International Donert 500 kr

    Grattis Louise Stjernberg rektor på Röda Korsets Högskola som vann vår tävling vid inflyttningsfest! Vi donerar därför 500 kr i ditt namn.

  • Lars Ekström Lars Ekström Donert 1 000 kr

    Good luck on this very important journey,

  • Swedish Care International AB Swedish Care International AB Donert 500 kr

    Istället för blommor vid invigningen av nya Minnesmottagningen i Solna vill vi på SCI ge ett bidrag till insamlingen. Bike on!!

  • Henrik & Lovisa Cavalli Henrik & Lovisa Cavalli Donert 2 000 kr

    Heja Kasper! Kram Lovisa & Henrik

  • Annsofi Reuterskiöld Annsofi Reuterskiöld Donert 100 kr

  • Anonym bruker Anonym bruker Donert 399 kr

    Can't stand the uneven number...

  • Catharina Eneroth-Björkman Catharina Eneroth-Björkman Donert 500 kr