Internationella Engelska Skolan 2021

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Internationella Engelska Skolan Huddinge
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Internationella Engelska Skolan 2021

With all that is going on in the world right now, we wanted to come together as a school to a little to help those who are struggling the most during this time. If you can please donate a few kroner to support and remember to type in your (or your child's) class. The class who raises the most funds will be able to throw water baloons at their teachers and the vice principal.
60 940 kr
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Nylig aktivitet

  • Mimi Haptén Mimi Haptén Donert 100 kr

    6A, family/aunt

  • Erik Jönsson Erik Jönsson Donert 100 kr


  • björnerik larsson björnerik larsson Donert 100 kr

    6E !!

  • Mats Johansson Mats Johansson Donert 302 kr


  • Inger Johansson Inger Johansson Donert 500 kr


  • David Lundstedt David Lundstedt Donert 300 kr


  • Kiros Bezen Kiros Bezen Donert 100 kr

    Kiros Bezen

  • Lena Karlsson Lena Karlsson Donert 300 kr

    Lukas 6A

  • Marie Bachhausen Marie Bachhausen Donert 500 kr

    Donation for all classes from Ms. Bachhausen's parents (100 kr per class) :)

  • Marie Bachhausen Marie Bachhausen Donert 500 kr

    Donation for 6E from Ms. Bachhausen

  • Marie Bachhausen Marie Bachhausen Donert 500 kr

    Donation for 6C from Ms. Bachhausen

  • Christina Sjöberg Christina Sjöberg Donert 450 kr


  • Anna Sandqvist Anna Sandqvist Donert 50 kr

    Lukas 6A

  • Katia Wedberg Katia Wedberg Donert 100 kr

    Engelska skolan Huddinge 6A

  • Magdalena  Severinsson Magdalena Severinsson Donert 133 kr

    6A kakförsäljning

  • Sebastian  Källsteöm Sebastian Källsteöm Donert 50 kr


  • Maria Winterbacke Maria Winterbacke Donert 100 kr


  • Daniel Jönsson Daniel Jönsson Donert 500 kr

    Erik 6A

  • Michaela Sjöberg Michaela Sjöberg Donert 50 kr


  • Johanna Moll Johanna Moll Donert 50 kr

    Johanna 6A

  • Margrethe Holm Margrethe Holm Donert 300 kr


  • Taija Marimon Taija Marimon Donert 300 kr


  • Nivetha  Nirmalathas Nivetha Nirmalathas Donert 50 kr


  • Ann Ceulemans Ann Ceulemans Donert 200 kr