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Right now violence, war and persecution in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Eritrea amongst many others are forcing millions of people to leave everything behind to embark on the dangerous journey to safety. The UN refugee agency UNHCR are leading the work of protecting children and families forced to flee their homes because of war and persecution. UNHCR are fighting for the rights of refugees, giving them life-saving emergency relief and helping them to build a better future.

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The 15th of March is the day that the war in Syria has been going on for six years. Six years of violence, pain and suffering. Many children in Syria has never experienced anything else than war and they risk becoming a lost generation.The need for humanitarian aid is enormous. UNHCR give life saving emergency aid, food, water, protection and health care to the people inside Syria and in the neighbouring countries.But UNHCR need your help to continue.Start your fundraise today to help the people fleeing the violence in Syria.

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Ge bort din födelsedag till någon som verkligen behöver den

Minns du den där härliga känslan man hade när man som barn vaknade
på morgonen på sin födelsedag? Vad skulle det finnas i paketet? Var det den där
saken man önskade sig så innerligt eller var det ett tråkigt mjukt paket?

Ett enkelt sätt att slippa bli besviken på presenterna är
att ge bort sin födelsedag till människor som tvingats fly.Starta en
egen insamling och be dina vänner ge ett bidrag istället för en födelsedagspresent.

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Ge bort dina presenter - hjälp flyktingar!!

Start your own fundraiser and give your gifts to people forced to flee their homes. There are endless good opportunities to start your own fundraiser; Wedding, graduation, Christmas, Mother's Day, Ramadan, running races, race, or you just want to test this new exciting way to make your own fundraiser.

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The sports challenge - for people forced to flee

Are you running your first race? Or are you going to cycle through Sweden from North to South? Maybe you are thinking of participating in next year’s Vasalopp? Regardless of which challenge you have set up for yourself, your fighting spirit can be a help for people forced to flee their homes. Start at fundraiser today and spread the word to friends and family – make a difference for people forced to flee.

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Over 3.3 million people has been forced to flee Iraq since 2014 and the situation for families living in Iraq is life threatening. UNHCR is present with shelter an emergency relief, but more support is needed! Start a fundraiser today to support UNHCR:s work for people that has lost everything.

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