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Hi! As we just launched the new product "Malaco Mustascher" we want to join in on the fight against prostate cancer and be a part of Mustaschkampen 2020. To do this we have created this group where anyone from the office in Solna or Malmö and filed sales can go in a make a contribution. On top of this all male collegues are encouraged to grow a nice mustasch in November to show everyone that you support Mustaschkampen! I hope we can get as many majestic mustasches as possible at the office now in November!

Best regards, Group BC

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    Very good initiative! :)

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  • Tiina Hallberg Prostatacancerförbundet
    Hej Cloetta. Vi är oerhört tacksamma för att ni har valt att stötta oss i kampen mot prostatacancer. Vi önskar lycka till med insamlingen! Vänligen, Prostatacancerförbundet.
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