Biking for charity (Uppsala -> Manchester)

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Linus Lind
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Läkare Utan Gränsers allmänna arbete

Biking for charity (Uppsala -> Manchester)

Uppsala --> Moston, Manchester

• Charity Bike Ride
On the 23rd of June I will embark on a charity bike ride from Uppsala, Sweden to Manchester, UK in order to raise money for "Doctors without borders (MSF)" ( which is a humanitarian-aid NGO with over 20000 medical (and other) volunteers that work in war-torn regions and developing countries facing endemic diseases.

• Why?
Well first of all, while these doctors, nurses (and others) are volunteering their time and security to solve issues of world health in regions that needs it the most and I reckon the least we can do is to chip in a bit to help people who are less fortunate than we are.

• Why Manchester?
My journey is part a pilgrimage to a very special football club called FC United of Manchester. The club is owned by it's fans and run on a democratic principle which is not very common in football these days. They also do a lot of social and community work and has finally been able to build their own stadium which will be my final destination.

• The Challenge!

I promise to...
ride my bike from Uppsala to Manchester, covering about 2500-3000 km in the process. (As long as I don't injure myself of course)

In return...
I only ask you to make a small (or big) donation to Doctors without Borders. The goal for this fund-raiser is to collect at least 10000 SEK (or about 1075 Euros). If we can go beyond it, even better!

Please give a donation here on the site, everything helps!

100 Swedish kronor (SEK) is roughly 10.8 Euros or 8.55 British Pounds. You can pay pay VISA and Master Card, just click the button ”Give Donation” to make a donation!

• How can you help?
1) Give a donation in any kind of size (even a few coins matter).
2) Share this donation page to your friends on social media.
3) Invite your facebook friends to the fund raiser event page
4) Blog about the fund raiser or spread the news in some other creative way!

Thank you for your support and help!

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  • Ossi Rani

    Bra jobbat! Dina extra kilo ges till de mer behövande så att säga.

  • Jens Lindahl

    Brilliant , Linus !

  • Lynette Cawthra Lynette Cawthra donated 100 kr

    Belated congratulations Linus, from an FC United fan in Manchester. Brilliant work. Look forward to meeting you at Broadhurst Park!

  • Rick  Simpson Rick Simpson donated 691 kr

    this donation is the cash handed to Linus during the FCUM v Ramsbottom game on Saturday 30th August

  • Moa Mackegård Moa Mackegård donated 50 kr

    Hej Linus! Jag tycker att det du har gjort är helt fantastiskt. Jag har tänkt donera, men skjutit upp det och varit bortrest mycket. Nu tar jag sista chansen att få bidra. Tyvärr är jag rätt så pank och kan inte avvara så mycket, men ändå!

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    Härligt jobb Linus!

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    Starkt jobbat, Linus!

  • John O'Connor John O'Connor donated 110 kr

    Well done Linus.

  • Marianne & Nisse Erixon Marianne & Nisse Erixon donated 500 kr

    We are impressed, you do things others only talk about. Be proud, enjoy and have a good time in England.

  • Fredrik Sveijer Fredrik Sveijer donated 1,000 kr

  • Jonathon Clegg Jonathon Clegg donated 300 kr

    Well done Linus. Sorry I can't be there this weekend mate. I'll make sure to buy you a pint next time I see you.

  • Richard Parkinson Richard Parkinson donated 1,000 kr

    Well done, a fantastic achievement. Hope we can meet again before too long.

  • Robin Niklasson Robin Niklasson donated 250 kr

    bra jobbat Linus! skrik till nästa gång så hakar jag.

  • Adrian Seddon Adrian Seddon donated 100 kr

    Almost there. Congratulations!!

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    Bra jobbat kombo!! Här kommer min donation i sista sekunden.

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  • Bryan Allred Bryan Allred donated 230 kr

    Well done Linus, your another Ambassador in Sweden for FC United......

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