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Anne Donguy
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Ronald McDonald Hus Uppsala's allmänna arbete
Our family spent 6 weeks in Ronald Mc Donald’s house in Uppsala so that our son Anatole could be handled for his brain tumor with proton therapy at Skandion Kliniken, a few hundred meters away.
This house is practical, cosy and welcoming. We felt it was a safe place where the family could stay tightly connected and support each other.

This has no price in times like these. This is so much needed by all the families we have met and their courageous kids and all the ones who will have to spend time there.

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  • Delphine Cremieux Delphine Cremieux ha donado 500 kr

  • Emmanuelle  Bossone Emmanuelle Bossone ha donado 300 kr

    Je suis de tout coeur avec Anatole et sa famille.

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  • Laure Wade Laure Wade ha donado 300 kr

    Je ne savais pas pour Anatole, nous vous souhaitons un bon rétablissement et beaucoup de courag, bises des Wades!

  • Jaquemine & Christian  Leyris-Listérus Jaquemine & Christian Leyris-Listérus ha donado 300 kr

    För Anatole och alla andra. Det kunde ha hänt oss. Det kan hända varje av oss.

  • Linda Servat Linda Servat ha donado 300 kr

  • Le coq-Fridolfsson Chloe Sven Le coq-Fridolfsson Chloe Sven ha donado 500 kr