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Educate a Child


Dear all,

Dear Knowit colleagues, clients, partners and friends in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Germany! Are you ready to make a difference? Are you ready to support UNHCR’s project Educate a Child?

I am.

There are 4 million refugee children and youths around the world who are not in school. This is not acceptable. Together with you, I would like to raise SEK 500,000 before December 24 for the important work done by UNHCR.

For every krona we manage to raise, Knowit will contribute a matching amount, until the goal is reached.

Please, join me. Donate today. Donate now. And have a happy and safe festive season!
Per Wallentin
CEO Knowit

PS: 100 SEK is the equivalent to 9,7 EURO.
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337 019 kr

67% 500 000 kr


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